A range of products including Christmas tree and Tea lights

Christmas tree: SkyCandle brings to you a range of artificial trees to help you to make this Christmas a memorable experience. You can avail this Christmas tree of 2ft with other accessories.

This tree comes with a detachable plastic stand and can be conveniently placed in any location at your home. The Christmas tree spreads the feeling of a real tree and enhances the grace of your kitchen, living room, drawing room, and bedroom as well as the office space, wherever you keep it.

One of the most popular Christmas trees, it enjoys a special place in the hearts of the people. You can use this item for many years to come, as after the festival will be over, you can detach the stand and wrap it up carefully for the next Christmas.

Priced at Rs. 329/-

1. Economical pack, the tree comes with accessories
2. Made from quality plastic material
3. Available with a detachable stand, add to its convenience
4. Standard gift item for people of all ages

Tea Lights: This pack of 12 SkyCandle tea lights come with small LED bulbs and provide the perfect light for any occasion, big or small. What is special about them is that they are made from plastic and don’t burn with an actual flame, hence reducing atmospheric pollution. They contain a tiny 1.5inch diya, yet these yellow colored LED tea light candles are best suited for Festive, Decorative, Birthday and Party occasions.

Priced at Rs. 249/-

1. Cost effective – 12 tea lights in a single pack
2. Fast delivery
3. Gift item for many occasions, like birthdays, festivals or parties
4. Good design, good quality