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7 December 2016 – Mon Rasage website presented a comprehensive review about which are the best electric shavers in 2016 and how to correctly choose an electric shaver and also gave details, pros and cons on certain models of electric shavers. Electric shaver is a traditional men’s accessory, to the choice of which should be paid special attention. It should be ideally suited to the owner, without any problems to shave the facial hair, leave no irritation to the skin and also be easy to use and maintain. In the review on website Mon Rasage is explained what you need to know about these devices before buying.
There exist two types of electric shavers: the grid and rotor. However, the difference of razors from each other does not end there. Grid razor is a body with an electric motor and on the top of the device is the shaving head. There may be several heads, two, three, four or even five. They are arranged in parallel shaving grids. Below them are vibrating blades, which cut the stubble. It happens that between the grids is integrated trimmer, which cuts the longer hairs, for example, in the case of a three-day stubble and then the shaving is finished by the shaving heads. In the rotary razor there are similar shaving heads on the top of the electric motor. When shaving, hairs fall into the holes and are cut by rotating knives which are punched by these discs. In order to shave easily and accurately, manufacturers implement in modern electric razors different technical and innovative solutions. One of the major is the repetition of the face contour. This effect is usually achieved a symbiosis of work of the movable shaving unit and the shaving heads out of which it is composed. The movable shaving unit may deviate in different directions and planes and to return to its original position following the contour of the face. Floating heads in rotary razors are independently deflected in different directions, while in the grid razors are deviating to the right and left. All this makes shaving more efficient and comfortable.
In the review on the website are presented following electric shavers: Braun series 9 9095cc, Braun series 7 799cc, Philips RQ1250-32, Philips S9031-13, Panasonic ES-LV95 and Panasonic ES-RF31 S-503. Reading the review, you can compare the features of each razor, including their physical and technical characteristics and chose which razor will be best for you.

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