Certain facts about Oz Powerball everyone should have an idea

The game is a matter of chance. No one can deny this fact. However, the Oz Powerball results are real and genuine. There is nothing in the procedure that can arouse your suspicion. The draw for the Powerball results takes place every Thursday night. This is a televised event all over Australia and New Zealand. We wish to highlight certain facts about the game for the benefit of people who know the game as well as those who do not.

The game is a highly popular one with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of an amount of at least $ 36 million every week.

The jackpot is a cumulative figure. This entails that if there are no winners for the jackpot this week, the amount adds up to the jackpot prize for the next week.

The amount usually grows in this fashion unless notified otherwise by the organizers. $ 3 Million, $ 6 million, $ 10 million, $ 15 million, $ 25 million, $ 40 million, $ 50 million, $ 70 million, and $ 80 million

The highest prize money ever won at the Oz Powerball results is $ 80 million.

Buying tickets for the Oz Powerball would not be a difficult job at all. You can buy it over the counter or even purchase your tickets online. However, you should do so by 8 pm AEDT before the draw on Thursday.

You can see the Powerball results live on TV.

Everyone knows that you have to choose six numbers from 01 to 40 and one number from 01 to 20 from the two barrels. You win the jackpot if every number matches in the perfect combination.

The odds of winning the jackpot would be 1:76,767,600. This is a fantastic probability.

You can have multiple entries in a game. However, the best chance of winning some amount at least would be via the syndicate route. You stand to win something at least. However, you would have to share the winnings with all the members of the syndicate. At the same time, you get a share of the winnings of others as well.

Do your research. The most common numbers in the year 2015 were 25,32,37,5,3,6, and 18. The most common Powerball numbers were 2,1,11,15, and 19. Now you have an idea as to what number you should choose.To learn more, visit http://ozpowerballresults.com/

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