Are you inquisitive about knowing about of the most popular and largest new hip hop tracks? Then hear “Finished” by The Sound. The Sound may be a philosophy that revolves with an aura which can be felt from the Warrior Achilles, the leadership of Alexander the Great and Wisdom of Moses. Everybody believed in this nice rapper from New York State, USA.
He has assured enough and is aware that his songs are uber-cool which can simply fetch him quality fans. His songs that are posted in soundcloud and it can be heard by anyone from across the world. “Finished” by The Sound is already gaining momentum and most of the hip hop fans are already appreciating it.
The Sound has some marvelous set of friends that believed in him. He picked up The Sound as his name as he felt it suited his temperament and is completely flawless as per his character. “Finished” is the potential song with cool rap beats that is attracting users. Fans can hear “Finished” by The Sound in Soundcloud. He has some other cool rap and hip hop tracks that sound great to the ears. All the rap fans have already liked his music.
People who clad to an excellent height of hip hop’s golden era, say that hip hop these days is all dead, however, that is the result of their ignorance. They haven’t come across the new blood within the hip hop genre just like The Sound. “Finished”, the song, created by the talent, has creatively perfect hip hop’s beats of storytelling and kicking music, presenting deep thoughts in a fun manner. Thus all of his fans and followers on SoundCloud can listen to “Finished” and other tracks by him. You can connect yourself with The Sound in his official Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile to know more about him.
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