Interloper Inc. publishes their report on the top four reasons small businesses need to hire a company like to compete with the big boys without hiring full time resources they can ill afford.

According to Mr. Babar, a spokesperson for Interloper Inc, the idea is to help out businesses that need a professionally designed website to draw in potential customers, keep it humming, bring in a regular flow of traffic and once a transaction is consummated maintain an ongoing relationship with customers to avoid a one and done situation. Big companies have a complete staff handling such functions. Small businesses cannot afford that. Outsourcing comes to the rescue according to Mr. Babar. He continues, companies like have specialists for various functions and they spread the costs over several clients. That way, multiple small businesses can be serviced at a much lower cost.

As Mr. Babar puts it, small businesses should focus on doing what they do best and outsource their web related activities to them thus improving their competitiveness, reaching a greater audience and strengthening their relationships with customers.

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