India’s Best Medical Tourism Agency

New Delhi, Nov 10: India has some of the best medical tourist companies that receive patients for medical care from the other parts of the world. These companies have tied up with hospitals like Fortis, breach candy hospital trust, MAX healthcare, Sir Ganga Ram hospital, MIOT international, BLK and care hospitals which can offer a choice of destination without compromising on the quality of treatment.

Business is generated through medical tourism, and the companies specialize in arranging transplant surgeries like kidney transplant, liver transplant, knee replacement, eye surgery and IVF infertility treatment. They also organize treatment package consisting of whole body checkup.

A medical tourism agency provides full information about sought procedure, surgeon, or advisor and the hospital so that the patient can make an informed decision. Besides that, the doctors provide updates about the progress of patient’s health to his/her family members back home.

The company Medmonks has covered up more than 20 hospitals consists of more than 3000 doctors in above 500 hospitals happily treating above 2000 clients. It wishes to target more places to make earth a better place for all. So far, it has tied up with the best hospitals and doctors in various states of India. They have visited and inspected hospitals to ensure that the facilities meet our customer standards and expectations for medical care.

Their team consists of doctors like Dr. Priyank Tyagi having experience more than 15 years in hospital operations, Dr. Gautam Sethi having rich experience of working in both government and private hospitals and Dr. Shubesh Tyagi who have headed the international marketing division of Apollo hospital, Delhi. Their experience will give you confidence in sourcing quality and appropriate treatment at an affordable price.
Their advisors team includes Mr. Deepak Vohra who is an ex-Indian foreign officer and Indian ambassador to many countries, Dr. Mohsin Wali who has been the youngest physician at the age of 33 to the president of India and Mr. Subhash Goel who is a former president of Indian Association of Tour Operations (IATO). They assure medical and wellness tourism industry dealing with patients and it is very important that service providers give honest information. Moreover, patients should be careful not to go for just tempting themselves considering the locations rather should go for the proper treatment.

Additionally, we have taken a comprehensive and personalized approach to healthcare, offering elaborate and advance services, encompass various testing and diagnosis. It is important that these many specialized services are offered by the best doctors of the leading hospitals. At present, the hospital sees patients on consistent basis and our hope is that each experience be one that is a home away from home, yielding quality outcomes and peace of mind.

The priority of these companies is to ensure that you are at ease with your healthcare experience. They have a dedicated patient center specifically for our international patients to assist with managing medical consultants and hospital admissions. Their goal is to provide safe quality services to patients as well ensuring their families feel comfortable during their stay.

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