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A short lesson on history by mentioned that William L Murphy is the inventor of the Murphy bed, otherwise known as folding beds or wall beds. Around 1900 he designed and patented the mechanism that enabled him to hide his bed in the wall when it was not in use, so that he might entertain in his one-roomed apartment. Since then many people opt for this inventive bed, both apartment dwellers in the city and homeowners, as it gives the option of allowing you to use a space, that with a regular bed, would become just a spare unused bedroom.

The popularity of the Murphy bed actually dropped somewhat during and after Word War II partly because steel was needed in the war effort rather than for bed making, and partly because people were leaving the big cities to larger homes where space was less of an issue. In the fifties and sixties you will see the odd Murphy bed featured in a movie about hiding a body or some slap stick comedy routine around one, but that was about as much notice as they received.

In modern times though they are being re-invented and re-invigorated and the Murphy beds are becoming increasingly more popular once more. Professionals working in cities still face the same problem Murphy had over one hundred years before, space. Space to entertain, take up a hobby, study, whatever you want. Murphy beds are making apartments with their small living spaces a lot more functional. In fact if you move to older apartment buildings in cities like San Francisco you will find those Murphy beds already there sometimes, sold with the apartment. This gives you the option of sticking with the older but still practical and functioning beds or getting something newer. A new trend has even emerged to improve the look of murphy beds by combining them with other furnitures like book cabinets. One of the most popular furnitures to use are IKEA pax wardrobes.

As with any piece of antique furniture an original Murphy bed could be a great focal piece and if you are not lucky enough to get one with your rent or purchase there are antique stores around the country where they can be found. Most often those in good condition still have mechanisms that function well and the cabinetry with them have their own beauty. Just keep in mind if you do want to start looking, that an real antique style Murphy bed would not be older than 1900. The cabinets might be older but the mechanism can not. Purchasing this piece of furniture could be a great investment if you do it wisely.

For those who are into DIY or wanted to save a little money by building their own murphy bed, has just posted a detailed guide on how to build your own murphy bed combined with cabinets from IKEA.

About is a well-known website on home improvement and interior decorating. They have an in-house interior designer that constantly update their website with the latest tips and guide on how to improve their readers’ home. They have just released a detailed guide on building an IKEA murphy bed from scratch at

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