Additional work is required to determine what relationship, if any, exists between Lithium values in brine concentrates and Lithium values found in surface soils and/or playa evaporates

Chengdu, 2016 – Concept Mining, a lithium exploration and development company with a focus on becoming a low-cost supplier for the lithium battery industry, is pleased to announce that highly encouraging results have been received from a sampling program designed to test for lithium values in surface soils and/or playa evaporates at the 100% owned Zorras Prospection and Exploitation Site.
A total of 150 samples were collected with Lithium values ranging from 29.7 to a high of 800 ppm (50 mg/L to 800mg/L) with a median value of 321 ppm (321mg/L). Twenty-seven samples were above 350 ppm (350mg/L) and 16 were over 500 ppm (500/mg/L).
Geochemical sample points were arranged on a grid pattern of seventeen east-west lines spaced 500 meters apart north-south, with stations every 250 meters along the lines. Samples were collected by a contract crew and transported to the lab in Chengdu. Standards were inserted into the sample stream with one in twenty samples being a standard. All standards were within 3% of their accepted values.
Importantly, these results show that dissolved lithium has been transported into this portion of the Zorras Prospection and Exploitation Site and is available for potential concentration by evaporative brines.
Concept Mining has acquired a 100% interest in the property, free of royalty payments.