A website can be developed on various development languages such as JAVA, PHP, dot NET. The websites developed on these platforms are core websites as they are built on a core programming language but we have other options as well. A person does not need to be from a programming background to create a website. It is not easy to learn a programming language, therefore to ease the building of a website, there are various frameworks available. WordPress is one of such frameworks that are used to develop and design a website.
In WordPress, a developer works on a preinstalled theme. These themes are already created by a designer and a developer make changes in the website according to the need of a client.Every kind of website can be developed and designed using WordPress. Be it an e-commerce website, or a magazine website, almost every kind of website can be developed using WordPress. There are a lot of plugins available in WordPress for every function. For example, for developing an e-commerce website, the plugin that is used is known as woo commerce. The woo commerce plugin makes it easier to develop an e-commerce website.
Another advantage of using WordPress is that the cost of development is comparatively lower than core languages. Apart from these advantages, the WordPress shares numerous disadvantages as well. One of the most common disadvantages of WordPress is its traffic handling capability. A WordPress website, cannot handle a lot of traffic. From example if in an e-commerce website, the traffic goes beyond 10,000 customers, the website starts lagging or the load time increase which degrades the performance of a website. Hence to avoid this, a WordPress website should not be used for the long term if the traffic of customers’ is increasing day by day. The programming language used in the back end of a WordPress website is PHP. Php is a core language that is used to create a website. A website developed on PHP is costlier than a website developed on WordPress. The prerequisite for developing a WordPress website is that a developer must have a brief descriptive knowledge of some front end language and back-end language. The issue with WordPress website also lies in the security reasons, a WordPress website is not that much secure as compared to a website developed on a core programming language. There are two types of themes or templates available on WordPress i.e. paid themes and unpaid themes. Paid themes are those themes which are not available for free while unpaid themes are those themes which are available for free. Almost every theme is available for demo. Therefore, before purchasing, a client can take a look at the theme. The designing of a paid themes takes months that is why they are available for free. While on the other hand, the unpaid themes are just the themes which have been already used a lot or obsolete. It is therefore recommended to use a free theme if you are a beginner to WordPress or just thinking to star your own business and want to publicize your content.