28, November 2016: Skypax is seeing growth in demand for its international delivery services this year following the decision to leave the EU. Due to the falling pound, there is increasing demand for UK products overseas, and Skypax is looking to facilitate that demand.

The UK is one of the world’s premier shopping destinations. But despite its world-beating high street, many UK shops don’t ship their products abroad. This means that customers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas can’t always get what they want. Skypax is trying to change that dynamic. The company is built around the idea that international customers should be able to shop in the UK, even if they live overseas. Skypax specialises in providing clients with access to the latest fashion, electronics and more.

How Does Skypax Work?

Many UK stores don’t ship internationally. So Skypax effectively acts as a middle man between UK stores and international customers. Customers purchase the goods that they want online, and then these products are shipped to a Skypax address. Skypax then collects the items and sends them off to international customers all over the globe.

The company also offers a concierge service. Customers can ask Skypax to send a concierge to pick up goods for them and bring them to it’s sorting centre. Customers then get to choose their method of shipping, as well as being able to track their parcel on its journey.

Skypax offers two kinds of membership. Standard membership is priced at £0 per year, plus a £12 one-time setup fee. This basic membership is ideal for customers who just want to make one-off or occasional shipments. There’s no annual fee, and customers get a UK Skypax address to which their goods are sent.

Skypax also offers a premium membership for those who do shopping in the UK more regularly. Premium membership costs £90 per year, with no setup fee. With Premium membership customers can expect free consolidation of all their packages as well as 10 percent off shipping. According to Skypax, this option is most popular with regular shoppers.

Where Can You Shop?

Skypax provides customers with access to a range of top UK stores. These include TK Maxx, Hugo Boss, Dior, Toys R Us and Habitat. Skypax has a shopping directory, allowing you to see all of the UK shops that they ship from.

What Do Customers Say?

Skypax has more than 1,100 reviews on authority review site TrustPilot. Customers say that they have had excellent service from the company. Shipments are low cost and fast. Customers also report that the firm is polite and professional in its handling of their questions.

The Future For Skypax

Thanks to recent changes in the value of the pound and changes in tax benefits for US customers, the future is bright for Skypax. It’s seen a bump in demand following the Brexit vote, and it’s now looking to capitalise on these geopolitical changes. So long as the company can continue to ship products to a high standard, there’s no reason why it won’t continue to expand.

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