AGASHE – A multi-designer store launched in March 2016 by international fashion entrepreneur & image consultant Sheena Agarwaal, with a desire to bring timeless garments of prét designers retailing from different parts of India to Delhi. Agashe is a dream project for Sheena and an ultimate stop for all things fashionable. It offers ready to wear collection utilizing sexy silhouettes with a contemporary approach. The collection is designed for women who appreciate finely cut garments that are both luxurious and unique. Sheena Agarwal has carefully handpicked designers for their individual uniqueness, helping to create a day to evening look with a stylish and sophisticated approach. The collection they stock is a testament of timeless style and feminity. Although there are a few more multi- designer stores, however, AGASHE has its own uniqueness. It is the only multi-designer pret store in Delhi, providing the most affordable options for you to choose from. Since, Sheena Agarwal is an image consultant, she can offer you expert guidance based on the look you’re aiming for. As an image consultant, she embraces an inside-out approach to enhance an individual’s personality. She also helps people in developing personality that leads one to become more organized, confident and content. Keeping it in tandem with one’s identity, her idea of image is not to display a branded outfit but to rightly impress ones individuality. One can easily get advice on hair and make-up with the outfit chosen for special occasions.
This festive season – being their first one, they out did themselves yet again by launching the collection of not a couple, but 11 new designers. Sheena Agarwaal, the curator and owner behind this ingenious concept marveled her onlookers by handpicking and showcasing collections of Nachiket Barve, ILK, Zoraya, Pooja Shroff, Roshni Chopra, Rajat Tangri, Kashmiraa, Ruceru, Poshpride, Fooljhadhi and Duet Luxury. The store stores over 60 of India’s luxury pret designers at most affordable prices.

The store bedazzled with the latest works of these craft-masters from fusion-wear to chic silhouettes to jewellery, there was a perfect amalgamation of style and tradition to floor any fashionista this Diwali season. The launch embarked the initiation of the festive season with cheer, fullness and bright colorful spirits. Seen shopping to their hearts desires were many of Delhi’s beloved. Concerning the launch of new designers, Sheena quotes “Fashion blended with tradition Agashe yet again showcased style via modern prét and Indian fusion to floor its special clientele.”

Western as well as Indian clothes & accessories, AGASHE has it all covered for you under one roof. Day or night, gowns or more, this multi-designer store is definitely going to be every girl’s shopping destination. Each of AGASHE’s garment has a story to tell, waiting to be told by YOU. Conveniently located between Delhi and Gurgaon, already stocking designers like Dhruv Kapoor, Huemn, Pallavi Mohan, Priyanka Parekh and more. Agashe is the perfect spot for all avid shoppers to stop by and browse through their designers’ latest collections and gear up for the parties to come!
With ever growing number of destination wedding and changing lifestyles, pret dressing is the most comfortable and chic way to go. Agashe is an up market fashion and lifestyle store which is offering a touch of both tradition and style that is infused with a breath of modernity. It is one place where you get all the good designers in one place. The client has an opportunity to select from over 1000 ensembles in a cool, spacious and chic atmosphere easily.