Documentation of work is mandatory when you are handling mega construction projects like building sky scrapers, bridges, dams, roads, tunnels, power station, canals etc. to generate reports on work in progress and also to ensure work is going on at the expected pace without missing quality construction norms. But to capture the work in progress at such great heights and scale is no mean task and requires a lot of experience, technology and expertise. This is where the Timelapse Middle East company comes into the picture being the top notch company in UAE that can use the latest technology and equipment to offer meticulous details of any project through their photo shoots above the ground at such angles that offers a powerful perspective of the work in progress and also reveals some interesting facts of the work being carried on at such grand scale.

The company offers drone filming services to capture great videos of the construction projects that can be used for commercials by the property developers and also broadcasting material for the satellite TV channels. The company has the required technology and expertise in handling different types of drones that are suitable for the client’s requirements. They use exclusive filling arsenal that can take drones into the air within no time. Their fleet of drones range from Phantom 1 to Quad copter that can capture and monitor work at high altitudes ensuring ultimate stability for precision and smooth process of filming in best quality. The company has technical experts who can fly the drones in all kinds of weather conditions and locations that also take care of the required permission and paper work to fly the drones to serve their customers.

The drone filming services makes it possible for day and night aerial filming and photography, interior filming of the projects that might not be possible manually at any point of time and generate top quality HD photos and HD videos as per the clients requests. Along with monitoring the work at the construction sites the company also offer annual video reporting services where they video document every detail so minutely and meticulously that can be used to generate annual reports embedded with videos and photos to display the construction progress of the projects to the customers and concerned authorities. Along with this the company also offer Timelapse cameras to create technically wonderful marketing material and historical archives of different construction projects with their aerial photo and video services.

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Avail the professional Drone filming services at Timelapseme. Here we are also offering the Aerial filming services which is used to capture the progress of the construction site. For more details, please visit our website at