New to Android? You’ve just picked up your very first Android smartphone, or maybe you have an Android phone that you don’t really take advantage of because you spend most of your time looking for the way of using them instead of using them? This guide will truly help you understand and adapt to an Android phone. Make your smartphone work for you and not against you. Read more!
Use your Android smartphone as a phone.
Like any other smartphones, Smartphone android have more similarities with computers that they do with classic and traditional phones. They can be used for email, web browsing, and any other things as long as there’s an app. You can access to different use such as streaming videos, playing games, writing office documents and editing photos. However, you can also use your Android phone as a phone if you’re just coming to Android from other platforms. Thanks to the Phone app you can place phone calls and Messaging apps to get traditional text messages setups. By default, the Messaging and Phone apps should appear at the bottom of your home screen (blue phone and a green text bubble).
Dealing with Google Account Setup? This is the first thing you’ll be asked to enter or to create once you turn on an Android device. As you can use an Android phone without having Google account, this is technically optional still it’s a good idea though. This will help you to keep track of installed apps, and serve as link with Google services such as Gmail, Calendar, Google as well as Google contacts. So in case you ever get new with an Android phone, know that a Google account ensures that it’s all backed up. Thanks to your Google account, you can access email, events and other data on the web, or even upload your photos to a private album on Google+.
More essential tips.
Pull down the notification draw placed from the top of the screen with your finger to access your phone’s notifications. You can swipe a notification to the right or left to get rid of it. When turning on your Android phone, you’ll see the lock screen with which you can configure and personalize code, pattern or password. Once you have unlocked your home screen, you’ll see icons where you can place your favorite and frequently used widgets like Gmail or Facebook. To install apps, you can easily look for apps and install them from the Play Store app.