Is your Firefox browser creating issues in plug ins: Do give it a read!!
If Mozilla Firefox is creating issues with browser java script and flash player then the below mentioned troubleshooting steps should be followed by the users so as to fix those issues: Users can just disable the plugins.
Firstly the users need to select the menu button option.
Select add on so that the add on tab will open.
Now select the plug in panel that is there in the add on manager tab.
Click on the plugin in the list which you want to deactivate be it flash palyer or any other plug in and then click on the option never activate. Repeat it if more plugins need to be disabled.
After this check on which plug in is creating the problem. After knowing the main plugin issue enable each plugins by selecting always activate.
Therefore, in this way Mozilla Firefox will stop creating issues with java script and flash player.
If you till face any issue regarding this , then you are advised to contact the Mozilla Firefox customer service to get more assistance from the customer service team members. The customer service team representatives are undoubtedly the best technicians who are always available to provide solutions to the users issues regarding Mozilla Firefox.
Users on the other hand just need to dial the Mozilla Firefox phone number so as to get connected with the representatives and further can discuss their issues with them.