Timber Venetian Blinds Provides Natural Insulation For Your Home

Window coverings are to enhance the decoration for a livable interior; to add warmth to the insides of your room. But what would be the right choice? Most would say it’s the Venetian Blinds, but did you know that Timber Venetian Blinds Provides Natural Insulation For Your Home as well?:

Timber Venetian blinds combine functionality with the warmth of natural wood, the textures being both stylish and timeless. Available in a wide range of sizes, there is always one to fit your windows, whatever dimensions they might come in.

With timber venetian blinds, not only can you add that much desired touch of elegance to a room, but you also choose something that brings you an extra dose of durability. The rich yet subtle colours are not the only things to be admired, but also their unique ‘wood-grain’ finish! That lends the timber venetian blinds some extra oomph.

Timber gives you great variety when it comes to colour choice. It’s a variety of shades and hues that’s responsible; in simple words, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

If you had a hard time finding the right shade, timber venetian blinds can bring your quest to an end. Additionally, timber blinds also provide great insulation, both towards extreme cold and heat.

Colour choices run as wild as from western cedar (for light-to-medium and medium-to-dark ambience) to natural (for that rustic look), but unless it is quality timber cut to a proper size, it’s not going to bring that perfect fit.

Installing timber venetian blinds save you from paying hefty energy bills. They are also virtually maintenance-free. Just changing the curtains is not enough; you got to change into timber venetian blinds to retain heat or cold within. That’s the little extra you get when you choose timber venetian blinds over the synthetic or metal types. At the most, you’ll require sprucing them up with wood-treating oil once or max twice a year. For busy households, the low maintenance is no doubt going to be a winner. And not just insulation from heat and cold, timber venetian blinds also keep noises away.

Now, the most important question: Which timber venetian blind is going to a suit you the most? We spoke about the Affordable Western Red Cedar earlier (the premium type); there are also the white Australian Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) and the dark-brown Walnut. However, the Cheap Western Red Cedar blinds can be colour-coordinated to required measurements more than the other two types.

There’s no denying that timber venetian blinds always add more sassiness to a home along with increasing the privacy factors and heat retaining factors. They last for almost an eternity with proper maintenance and it is also surprising the way they always lift the overall feel of a room.

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