If you are interested in rap or hip hop music genre, then you must listen to Vico’s new collections. The music artist, Vico has recently launched his new hip hop and rap collective T Legend. Vico is not known as a gimmicky musician. Vico is a versatile singer and his album T Legend has started gaining fame all across the world. He is really pivoting his career that helps him to gain popularity in his songs. Hardly anyone can understand the amazing magical blends in his songs. Vico’s wonderful skills in rap area allow him to deliver so perfect tracks. There is a confident fusion of poignant lyrics, musical expression and powerful delivery in all his tracks.

T Legend is gaining high praise from DJs and different music stations throughout the world. Every single is receiving over thousands of plays in soundcloud without showing any point of slowing down. Vico’s new rap styles fused with exotic beats are amazing. The two main elements of music – rap and hip hop when come in the same track together creates a buzz. No wonder, Vico is making it big in rap music genre. Rap has repetitive beats texturing by melodic components that favor energetic tempos. His hip hop tracks are driven by its rhythm, use of rap metal and drum beats. Once you listen to these songs, you can find out a fusion of rap with melodic lushness.

With great waves the music sets a perfect mood for the listeners. Songs like, Grind like Tony, Round The Clock and Too Wavy are worth listening. This aspiring musician can easily overthrow his competitors. Also, Vico’s flexible voice attracts the crowd and let them stay tuned. Being a rap music lover, if you haven’t listened to Vico yet, then it might be your great loss. Catch him in soundcloud and listen to more upcoming hits.

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