Cheryl Bannerman, a published author who uses her fictional characters to explore life’s harder, more emotional topics, such as depression, suicide, molestation, and domestic abuse, has officially released her second novel: Words Never Spoken – a book of Spoken Word.

Words Never Spoken is a tale of love between a man and a woman, a mother and a child, and a woman and her faith. It’s a story of an ordinary woman placed in extraordinary circumstances. Readers will find themselves cheering her on as she pushes harder, fights back, runs away, and lives life to the fullest extent, as each chapter brings her close to the truth.

In a recent review, Belwoeth Harbright, author of FULL-TILT EXORCIST says Words Never Spoken is, “Absolutely gripping from first page to last … Bannerman’s words are spoken from the soul: harsh, raw, melodical, lyrical, and oh-so-honest. A must-read for anyone who’s been impacted by an abusive relationship, or anyone who is searching for the way out.”

“This is a self-help read with lines for journal entries to encourage readers to reflect and interact with the story,” said Bannerman. “By journaling one’s thoughts through different parts of the plot, readers will be able to delve into their deepest, darkest emotions in an expressive and healthy manner.”

In addition to the journal entries component of the book, Bannerman’s blog page on her brand new website,, offers similar topics from the journal entry sections of the book, to allow readers to further share their experiences with other Bannerman Books’ fans.

Author Cheryl Bannerman, a woman who has been writing eye-opening fictional stories since she was a kid, runs a 21-year old virtual B2B Training and Development company based out of her Orlando, Florida home. She is an Instructional Design and e-Learning Specialist with a passion for developing engaging courses for corporate employees, educational and government institutions, and consumers, alike.

Recognized for her unique eye and approach to life’s trials and tribulations, Bannerman is now represented by the reputable Garis Agency, a firm known for turning new books into best sellers. The Garis Agency represents an array of celebrities and top national brands as clients.

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