17, November 2016: To bring one idea into reality, they aim to solve every problem they encounter. Airwheel doesn’t agree to release a new product, before they figure the problems out. In the field of producing scooter, no company can be so careful and dedicated.

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Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is sweeping the world As some kind of splendid green low-carbon vehicle, Airwheel electric scooter follows fashion closely and is full of modern design. Airwheel, with its novelty and fashionable property, has swept the world and earned favors of a great number of large-scale TV stations.


In people’s daily life, Airwheel electric walkcar is not only some kind of new traveling tool for people to ride instead of walk during working hours, but a certain entrainment as well. In the merchant’s eyes, Airwheel is the perfect choice for company propaganda, which is both economical and efficient, helping to elevate public attentions and shape a qualified brand image.

Airwheel can be the toy vehicle for little kids. They can ride in backyard or even drawing room, because it asks for very small flooring space. It also can be the dedicated transport for the elderly. Generally speaking, people in this age stage have inflexible knees and thus ordinary transports, like bicycle and motorcycle, are not fitted for them because of low riding safety and uncomfortable riding experience. However, they can ride Airwheelmini electric scooter at ease, such as walking their dogs, picking up their grandchildren from kindergarten or breathing the fresh air in the park. When it comes to young people, like white-collars, university students and freelancers, they can ride Airwheel S8 anytime and anywhere. In short, it is a multifunctional scooter.


The extraordinary vehicle tool always bestows more convenience for people and the high-tech application of Airwheelelectric mobility scooter helps it stand out in tourism industry. For instance, any large-scale theme park will prohibit exotic vehicles, and tourists have to consume great energy with the intention of covering the whole theme park.


Some theme parks are able to provide Airwheel intelligent electric scooter for renting, which effectively save much energy for tourists and present the charms of high tech as well. The sweet service provided by the park, of course achieve more positive feedbacks from the tourists.

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