The pop star EL CAPIITAN debuts his new music “Watching You”. EL CAPIITAN has always harbored a passion for music. Showcasing his talent in front of thousands of people, he has brought a phenomenal sound and energy to his songs. Currently, this artist is gaining high praise and appreciation from every music platform and online audiences. Everyone prefers him for his subtle tones, arrangements and excellent pop vocal voice. If you love listening to some light music, then pop is what you exactly looking for. Well, EL CAPIITAN’s new single “Watching You” has added a new direction to pop music area. Today, music that relates only to pop isn’t making huge buzz. But, after you hear “Watching You”, your point of view may get changed.

This new track is collaborated with KAELI ROSELLE that has made his song a blazing hit. “Watching You” is quickly gaining notoriety as well as acclaim huge popularity while receiving thousands of plays every day. If you are a pop music fan, then there is no doubt that EL CAPIITAN must be in your playlist. This new pop star truly stands out the crowd in soundcloud. Music lovers, who have already listened to his new single, they find it to be his excellent work. However, all are looking for his next release. EL CAPIITAN is trying his hardest to win the heart of his fans through his unique pop creations.

Pop artists are rare in music industry. But, “Watching You” is going to change the music world by creating huge buzz. This song is a blend of pop and blues. Listeners will get a fuzzy feeling in this song. Anyone, who wants to listen to EL CAPIITAN, registers with soundcloud and stay tuned with all his upcoming songs. Also, fans can get connected with him in other social media like, facebook, twitter or instagram.

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