Are you a company considering the possibility of introducing employee rewards? What to give, what is right, what is over the top, what is too little? You have heard of good practices elsewhere but they seem to cost a lot of money? We may have a few good suggestion for you.

Dallas, TX- Nov 2 , 2016. announces their gift boxes of dry fruits and nuts as employe rewards or employee gifts for the upcoming season and beyond.
According to Ms. Ashri, a spokesperson for, an online gift company, gift boxes of nuts and dry fruits have side benefits that you may not have thought of initially. It perks up the employee because he is being recognized but it has a great side benefit of spreading good cheer around. Its a type of reward that can be easily shared with colleagues and motivate them also to do a good job and get recognized.

As Ms. Ashri states, even though you rewarded one employee, other employees now know that the company appreciates good work. Sometimes, even the smallest of gifts can go a long way in spreading positive vibes. And that is not all. An added bonus is that they are nutritious, while being very affordable at the same time. is an online company and ships gift boxes of dry frutis and nuts worldwide. . For more information visit