ArSta eco the Karnataka based renewable energy and biocarbon company have got approval from Government of Karnataka for setting up a 1.2 MW Biomass based power plant at Tiptur Karnataka. The company has developed a pyrolysis based technology that thermally breaks down any carbon rich biomass and converts it into Syngas, Carbon and Biovinegar. The Syngas is used to run a generator that produces power which is pumped into the grid. The carbon that is produced is also called Biochar and is a very good soil amendment and is an effective way of repleneshing soil carbon. The direct benefits of Biochar as a soil amendment are reduction of water and fertilizer utilization. Biovinegar is an effective organic pesticide and plant growth enhancer. The plant at Tiptur will utilize the residue generated from the coconut plantations.
ArSta eco is backed by a group of European investors and climate change experts.