In the 2016 United States’ Presidential Election, the American people expressed their desire for an anti-establishment candidate. Though President-Elect Donald Trump has given us some general policy positions, we are still left wondering what the details will reveal. What we do know is that his business background can reassure us that he will aim at steering forward the dreams of millions of Americans and, thereby, all of the business and services affected by it.
While President-Elect Trump has expressed a desire to repeal all of the Affordable Care Act—or as is commonly known as, Obamacare—recent interviews with him and subsequent analysis have lead us to believe that a complete repeal would be difficult. However, if repeal did occur, many of the aspects of the Affordable Care Act that Americans liked—allowing children to stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26, and prohibiting insurers from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions—would be retained, according to Mr. Trump. That all being said, I, along with most Americans, do believe the Affordable Care Act has room for improvement, so that all Americans can fully realize the benefit of healthcare coverage. It is my sincere hope that President-Elect Trump can achieve that goal.
Despite elections and the ebbs and flows of the political sector, we know the healthcare industry will always remain to glow and grow. With the ever-increasing demand of healthcare services and a global ageing population, the demand for services will only continue to evolve with technology, innovation and investments.
President-Elect Mr. Trump had clearly indicated his affinity towards Indians. As a businessman like myself, I am sure he will have a cautious approach when making decisions with regards to immigration and outsourcing jobs, hopefully, keeping in mind the services and business collaborationsthe United States has had with India.
Sitting here in Michigan, but as a global citizen, I look forward to, and hope, President-Elect Trump’s presidency will be constructive and conducive to policy decisions thatwill greatly impact ourindustry, including increased job creation, business expansions and ensuring the value of international business relations, especially with India, remains a valued piece of global innovation, service, and research.
Mr. Tony Mira,
Founder and CEO – Ajuba Solutions