In this fast-paced life, exercise becomes very important. This would be more so in a city such as Mumbai. The normal Mumbai resident would struggle to find time for any kind of physical exercise. His day would usually begin very early in the morning. His main objective would be to catch a particular local train that would transport him to his office on time. In the evening, he would be in a hurry to reach home. This is a cycle of sorts. Therefore, it would be very difficult to entice him to activities such as physical exercise routines, etc. However, in recent times, he has felt the need for exercise. This has made him turn to Yoga thereby explaining the proliferation of Yoga classes in Mumbai.


Many people have a misconception that Yoga has a deep connection with religion. In fact, it is not so. One has to admit that the origins of Yoga owe allegiance to Hinduism. However, that does not mean it cannot benefit practitioners from other religions as well. The Western world has accepted Yoga as a way of life. They have formed their own routines based on Yogic postures. As long as they benefit humanity in general, there should not be any problems as such.

The Yoga classes in Mumbai teach the basic aspects of Yoga to its students. The average Mumbai resident would always prefer the quiet atmosphere of the Yoga training institutes to the excessive noise elsewhere in the city. Yoga teaches the individual to make peace with his own body. It believes that a healthy mind is required to acquire a healthy body. Therefore, this would be the best exercise for the stressed out individual in Mumbai. The beauty of these routines is that you can perform these exercises anywhere, even while sitting in the office or the local trains on the way back home. It advocates a controlled breathing procedure. It believes that a rhythmic breathing procedure can improve the circulation of blood in the body thereby rejuvenate every organ. Many other exercise routines such as the Pilates have taken inspiration from Yoga.

The Pilates:

The Pilates is similar to Yoga in many ways. The Pilates classes in Mumbai concentrate on developing the posture of the average Mumbai resident. The Pilates increase the flexibility of the human body and improves the circulation of blood. This body conditioning routine can build up your strength and endurance levels without adding any muscle mass. This can help tighten the muscles and straighten the bones, thereby improving the posture. People who resort to these techniques experience fewer injury problems. Both, Yoga and Pilates concentrate on improving the coordination between the various organs in the body. They encourage the body immune system to come with its own resources to attack any disease.

Final thoughts:

Yoga has a great history of being the perfect form of exercise. It encourages a perfect blend of physical and mental conditioning at the same time. The Pilates routine works on similar lines as well.