November 2016, New Delhi: It was​ raining entertainment this children’s day at DLF Place, Saket as the city’s favorite lifestyle destination mall entertained the mall patrons​ with five incredible international ‘Superstars of the Street Theatre’ who performed​ live for the first time in India on Saturday, 12th November, 2016 from 12:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Based on the theme of a circus, these international street theatre artists showcased some of their famous acts at DLF Place, Saket with 30 acts performed throughout the day.

First one to entertain the masses was Spanish artist Francisco Luis Vita Roldan artist who spinned the viewers with joy and laughter through his comic style clowning act. Coming straight from Australia, Amelia Cadwallader amazed everybody with her dynamic acrobat and hula-hoop performance. Venezuelan performer Katay Santos left​everyone​spell-bound with his chair balancing acrobat. Daredevil Michael Anthony Bonnici from Canada performed his jaw-dropping, juggling chainsaws act on a 3-meter unicycle. That was not all! Canadian performer Daniel Warr with his famous acts like fish dive in a bowl, pal the ear duck and acts of absurdity left everyone in splits.

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