An epic day in the history of the Indian governance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, last night announced that Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes will be withdrawn from circulation in the entire country at midnight to drive out uncontrolled corruption and counterfeit currency.

As an example to the youth, this move is bound to set a lot right in the prevalent system. A big leap for enabling yourself to work towards an honest income, totaling the desire to pitch in hard work and competence, the idea is one of the greatest decisions, which is going to bring the nation to pride.

Rachit Jain, Youth4work CEO expressed, “Learning, up-skilling is the only way to get equipped for earning more now. The real skills are the ones that will matter in the future, with all black money and illegitimate business facing the brunt”

Adding to that, as an interesting startup initiative, Youth4work steps in to help the youth in making a wise move at spending a 500 rupee note. Today, one can build upon on a career and focus on getting a job that will not just pay you, but also be a boost to the white money economy. Over 650 skill certification courses are for grabs @ Rs. 500 each on the youth centric platform ( These can be availed easily not only online, but also by offline payment as well, i.e. directly depositing Rs.500 in the company bank account to get your money’s worth.

Club two courses and get more value out of your 1,000 rupee note, which is the easiest way towards self-help, improving upon skills and rising to a brighter future professionally as well as on the personal front. A small investment today can help you earn you a lot tomorrow. From an entrepreneurial dream to a basic certification in C++ / Digital Marketing / Finance, every field, every profession, big or small definitely appreciates increase in one’s knowledge and skills along with an attitude to learn more. Online courses equip you to do so and are the quickest and easiest way to polish your skills rather than whiling your time in unproductive activities.

In addition to this, shape up a future and add value to your friends and family members’ lives as well. One can select from a series of new and upcoming online courses and gift it to their loved ones. Not only is the idea a thoughtful gesture, it will also reap success and fortune in the long run. Similar as taking up a course for yourself, the payment is as easy for a friend as it is for you.

The real deal to invest your money into activities that will profit you and enhance your current existence should ideally be the main goal. For the last day to spend that 500 or 1,000 rupee note wisely is 30th November, bank deposits for online courses like these seems to be a great move.

What better way than learning for earning a better and brighter future!

About Youth4work:
Headquartered in New Delhi, Youth4work is an innovative talent development initiative with a vision – “To be the preferred personal space for every aspiring Youth to introspect, self-assess and improve his/her own skills”. The user communities span across domains such as IT, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Retail, HR, Design & Creativity, Skill Development verticals, PMKVY and many more. Intelligent assessments and global ranking algorithms help users to ‘identify and showcase’ their talents whereby a variety of online courses and competitive practice materials help Youth acquire skills, improve their rankings and enhance employability.