Crazy Domains is offering a new deal with the free .ASIA Domain Name plus Professional Email, targeting the Philippines and its growing market. The company is also expanding its business into Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.
Aiming for Southeast Asian users across the region, the online service provider offers customers a free .ASIA top-level domain and free professional email account, free for an entire year. Those interested will have to register within the 30-day open period.

Organisations expanding in Southeast Asia can also take advantage of this promotion.

Google has officially stated that keywords in a TLD do not give any advantage or disadvantage in search, but it is also well established that Google emphasises regionalised websites.

Google’s webmaster trends analyst John Mueller said in the article Google’s handling of new top level domains: “By default, most ccTLDs result in Google using these to geotarget the website; it tells us that the website is probably more relevant in the appropriate country.”

TLDs like .ASIA or .TOKYO are regional and differ slightly from ccTLDs such as .SG. However, there are lessons to be learned from the other benefits of using ccTLDs.

Emphasising local SEO can be more effective with regional and country-specific domain names. Specific searches of products and services within a country or area will most likely display websites with regional domains on the first page. This means that users can more easily find local business, potentially improving traffic for websites with regionalised domains.

When targeting a local audience, using local phrases and terms in domain names can be very beneficial.
Users get many benefits with free professional email hosting. Businesses with professional email addresses are perceived as more trustworthy by people, resulting in an increase in delivery and open rates. There are higher security features with better spam and virus filters and there are no ads or data mining.

Several existing packages are offered by Crazy Domains that include these features and services. But clients can take advantage of various features for the .ASIA free domain and free email offer.

For .ASIA Domain name registration, users will have a Domain Manager, Domain Transfer, and a free website builder. For the Professional Email offer, users will have one email address, 5 GB email storage, Spam and Virus Protection, instant activation, Email Management, DDoS Protection, Pop3 / IMAP / SMTP, and Cloud Network.

Registering for a free professional .ASIA domain name and email address is fast and easy. Customers who are interested should visit the Crazy Domains Philippines site at to acquire their preferred domain name.

The promo is only available for a strictly limited time: businesses expanding in Southeast Asia should take advantage of this opportunity.