Aquaculture has turned increasingly significant with regards to Asia, especially within Bangladesh. Bangladesh has an aggregate of 25 millions Ha field of water resources which comprises domestic and maritime resources where an aggregate of 129.8 million pounds of fish and shrimps were raised within the year of 2009-2010 which is within cautionary terms around 437.40 million dollars which certify 5.5 percent of the nationwide GDP and 7 percent of the aggregate exportation profit thanks to Bangladesh Suppliers.

Thanks to Seafood Manufacturers, it symbolizes the 2nd largest exportation manufacture with regards to Bangladesh following garments with 97 percent of the shrimp raised being exported via Bangladesh exporters where beyond one-half of which are towards Europe and 4.8 million individuals are now relying upon the manufacture with regards to their sustenance and putting up around 4 percent towards the nationwide GDP and hiring almost 1.2 million individuals with regards to production, actioning and merchandising actions.

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