Recently Scand Ltd, a software development outsource company developed a useful addition to Realm NoSQL DB, a Realm Browser for Android. The present press release tends to indicate the beneficial nature of Realm used as a database for some mobile development projects and highlights Scand recent development of the browser to facilitate the interaction with the mentioned above NoSQL database when one develops on Android.
Realm as one of the most prominent NoSQL databases
The excellence in what developers do often comes with the latest and trendy tools, libraries, IDE, patterns, algorithms, programming languages and approaches they use to develop mobile applications. That’s why it is important to carefully analyze and evaluate the nature of the data being stored: ways to manipulate it, its value and only then decide either to use relational DB, NoSQL DB or the combination of them. According to the recent expertise in mobile software development, some cases justify NoSQL DB cost effectiveness and affordability in comparison to regular SQL databases. Realm DB is noticeable and could stand out among others for a number of reasons:
• its easy integration;
• relatively high speed;
• its cross-platform character;
• reliable data protection;
• its noncommercial character, this database is free for use.
The idea of Android Realm browser development
With the time it became clear that despite this database is highly appreciated throughout the mobile development community there is still something to improve. Scand Ltd developed a Realm browser for Android to debug and test the application logic or the UI. Our library is pretty helpful. It allows developers who build apps using Realm database view the saved data and debug modules which are working directly with this NoSQL database. The library is also stuffed with the function of automatic data generation.
Realm Browser library developed by Scand helps to get the direct access to the stored data while the application is launched without making a copy of the data file. It is free and could be reached at
The browser could be operated on Realm database in two ways:
1. With the notification created;
2. By calling method at the right time.
It’s another useful tool Scand Mobile Development Team is happy to share with the world of developers. Feel free to share your feedback or any other ideas writing to