There are two main types of the doctors;
2. Ophthalmologist 2. Optometrist.
Both of them are the doctors with lab gown and jargon. But here the issue is that if someone has issue in his eyes, to which doctor one should go from above two mentioned types. There are many patients now who are having different types of eye problems and they do need a doctor to go to him. Here we will discuss more details about these two types of the doctor through which we will reach on the result that to which doctor one should go when it is needed.
1: Ophthalmologist: This is the type of eye doctor who has a license in his hands to perform the examination of the eyes. This doctor can diagnose different illnesses of the eyes. This is the kind of the doctor who can perform operation also. This is the doctor who has completed standard study period of medical line that is from 3to 4 years. This man has passed from the period of internship as well with medical service and training period of 3 to 4 years in different centers like eye clinic Portland. This is whole definition of an ophthalmologist. Now let us discuss the other type of the doctor as well.
2: Optometrist: an optometrist is also a doctor who has completed the graduation period of 4 years that is essential to complete if someone wants to be an optometrist. This doctor can perform lesser performances than the above describes doctor. He can perform the surgeries of different eye patients on a lower level. He has to tell the patient that which number of the glasses he or she should choose for his eyes if he has low eyesight problem. An eye doctor Portland should have such kind of experience so that he may be able to perform the duties of an optometrist on higher level as it is needed.
These are two main types of the eye doctor. Most of the doctors confuse these two types with the optician. They are not supposed to confuse them with each other. An optician is assistant of the eye doctor. He can perform the duties of his boss in his absence. But he must be careful while prescribing some medicine for the patient as it is matter of the responsibility.

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