We at Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home are experts in providing cremation services. We have been arranging them for the Middlesex, New Jersey community since 1928. We are always on-call, so feel free to contact us at any time, day or night, to answer your questions and to address your concerns. We are proud to work for all nationalities and faiths, and our funeral home is accessible to those with handicaps. We provide top-notch cremation services at a very reasonable price.

Cremations are increasing in popularity in large part because they are generally significantly less expensive than a traditional burial. Cremated remains are typically placed in an urn before being put in their final resting place. We offer an impressive selection of urns for you to choose from to be used in scattering, for burying, for interment in a mausoleum, urn garden or columbarium niche or to be retained in the home.

One of the other advantages of cremation is that it provides you with more options when making your funeral and cemetery arrangements. You may choose to have a funeral service take place prior to the cremation. The funeral service is quite similar to one that would occur in advance of a traditional burial, except that the deceased is placed in a rental casket, cremation casket or cremation container and is cremated at the end of the funeral instead of being interred in the ground. You may decide to have a wake with an open or closed casket before the funeral.

As an alternative, you may have a memorial service after the cremation has occurred, at any time, and we can arrange for it to happen at our funeral home, at the crematory chapel, your home, a favored eatery, your church or other place of worship or in any other setting. The urn is usually present at the memorial service and you may include a recent photo of the deceased and flowers in the presentation.

You may also choose to have a committal service at the final disposition of your loved one’s cremains. We arrange to have a member of the clergy officiate the service for you if it is appropriate to the package that you select. We also make arrangements to have flowers present at the service.
We arrange for direct cremations with which there are no funeral, viewing or memorial services. This option costs the least, but experts recommend that you have some type of service or ceremony in conjunction with the cremation as it helps with the healing process.

With all our cremation options, your loved one is always treated with compassion and respect. We arrange for the immediate transport of your loved one, day or night, from the place of death to the crematorium or to our funeral home depending on the services that you choose. We also obtain the death certificate and cremation permit and see to all other permissions and notifications so that the cremation takes place without any unnecessary delay. We provide you with as many official copies of the death certificate as you need to conclude your loved one’s affairs. Please speak to one of our courteous funeral directors to see which cremation options best fit your needs and budget.

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