Canali’s Ceremonial collection represents the apotheosis of the tailor’s craft.
A sapient blend of traditional elegance and contemporary flair, Canali Cerimonial offers discerning gentleman the freedom to choose from the most traditional evening and morning dress, from white-tie to cravate noire.
100% made in Italy by Canali’s master craftsmen, this season’s Ceremonial colour palate shifts seamlessly from delicate ivory to soft dove greys; from intense charcoals all the way through to sophisticated inky, nocturnal blues and blacks.
Fabrics featured include wool, wool/silk blends, mohair and cashmere, while flashes of damask offer a unique flourish and luminescence.
The silhouette this season is timeless, slim lined trousers paired with sartorially structured jackets ensure that the Canali gentleman will be looking his best no matter what the occasion.