There comes a time in almost every one’s life when he decides to wear the lenses. This is the time when one should know the advantages and disadvantages of these lenses as every invention has its positive and negative points. In short, if you have decided to buy any kind of lens for yourself, you must know its harms and benefits. The contact lenses are with short adaption period and have an excellent vision of them.
Here the question arises that which material has been used in making of these lenses that they are so much strong that you can use it after years and even more than that. Every country has its own rules and regulation for its each invention even for lenses as well. Portland optometrists are of the opinion that one should be careful to use them as they can harm the eyes as well if they are broken inside of the eyes.
They are comfortable and easy to use. As we know that these lenses are suggested to use to clear the insight as well. The question here arises that how one can wear it for such a long time. The answer of this question is that one can wear them by a minor surgery as well as they have to be fixed inside of the eyes. These lenses are available in bifocal and tints as well.
There are some harms and disadvantages of these lenses as well. The very first harm that can happen to the eyes is that they have to be fixed in the eyes so they take long time for adaption. These lenses have higher chances of debris that has to be cleared while going to the office or different centers that have been made for such kind of purposes. Another solution for such type of issue is to select daily wear soft contact lenses. These lenses are made of soft plastic. These lenses made of plastic have the capability of passing oxygen through them. This is an advantage of using the contact lenses of daily bases. These lenses are easy to handle and adoptable by the user. If you are supposed to use them, you must go for the help of some opticians. The reason of taking help of such person is that Portland eye doctor refers to the centers where proper doctor does care of them and you should do the same to get the benefits of these lenses.
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