Celebrating the 13th Wuzhou Jewel Festival 2016 Aim to Attract Multi-National Merchants to Participate


The ongoing 13th Jewel Festival 2016 was opened in Wuzhou, world’s artificial Jewel capital, which is the most powerful and leading industry in the country and all over the world. Professional Festival, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Myanmar, Malaysia and China Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions to bring their own characteristics such as jade jewelry debut, Aspect full.

This annual Jewel Festival has fascinated over sixty local and international exhibitors from Burma according to Maomaojiao, head of a jade jewelry company: “This is our third time to participate in Wuzhou jewel festival, each feel different. Through this international Exhibition platform, the quality of our Burmese jade gem shows. “

The 13th Jewel Festival 2016 Festival will be happening from 28th of October to 31st 2016. The event will be held on the 3rd floor of the exhibition center, Wuzhou Hydoo Commerce & Logistics City, Wuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and China. The event was made possible through the effort of China Gemological Association, the Secretariat of China-ASEAN Expo, Wuzhou Municipal People’s Government. The event was sponsored by Wuzhou Bureau of Commerce, Guangxi Wuzhou Jade & Jewelry Association.

To participate in this annual event, exhibitors need to fill in the Confirmation of Application with an official stamp, and fax it to the Leading Group Office of the Jewel Exhibition for the 13th Wuzhou Jewel Festival before Oct. 15, 2016.

Priority will be provided to exhibitors who applied for unique decoration. The main venue is about 15000 sqm. Exhibitors are recommended to apply indoor area for a very special decoration booth.

According to Zhu Xueqing ,Wuzhou Mayor, the current part of Jewel Festival has signed thirty six projects with an overall investment of more than 10.2 billion yuan, and 115 main projects done during the jewel festival, with an overall investment of more than 32.8 billion yuan, which involve electronics, information, industry, urban construction as well a people’s livelihood and other areas.

For more information and details about the 13th Jewel Festival, please feel free to call Ms. Huang at 86 774 602 1581 or send her an email at 1453761465@qq.com

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