People who are looking for legal aid in criminal cases can consider the aforementioned website. The law firm is based in California and they have a number of attorneys who offer devoted advice on a number such cases. THE LEVENTHAL FIRM has a full service criminal defense practice; his includes three phases: (1) pre-file investigation work; (2) actual filed cases; and (3) post-conviction relief. This law firm also defends juvenile delinquency matters.

A criminal case usually involves repercussions; as such, it is critical to note that there are only a few criminal defense attorneys that have the knowledge and experience to thwart these negative consequences from unfolding. In order to ensure that the defenders in such cases get timely and relevant aid, there is a need for a law firm that exclusively deals with these criminal cases. The criminal justice system is an extremely difficult arena to deal with; as such, it is important to find an attorney that knows how to navigate its clients through this complex area of law.

The website says, “Our services are available in Pasadena and Los Angeles areas and we put the interests of the clients over ours.” It is important to understand the plight of such people who are involved criminal cases so that the attorneys can be effective advocates. With an almost combined twenty years of experience and close to one hundred jury trials combined, our attorneys have distinguished themselves as experts in the field of criminal defense.

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THE LEVENTHAL FIRM is a powerhouse, boutique law practice dedicated to criminal defense in both state and federal court. Lead Trial Attorney, Andrew Leventhal, Esq., and Managing Attorney Yvonne Rodriguez, Esq., are the heart and soul of this law firm – both trial lawyers have defended more than 10,000 criminal cases combined and have tried almost every criminal case imaginable before a jury. Andrew and Yvonne are incredibly passionate attorneys, both deeply immersed in criminal law – they spent a combined 14 years vehemently challenging the criminal justice system as Los Angeles Public Defenders; the desire to challenge is the essence of THE LEVENTHAL FIRM, and with that, results are the only thing that matter.

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