Informative Article Advises Mid to Low Income Taxpayers on Free e-Filing for 2016, 2017

Private tax preparation companies have paired with the IRS to provide free e-filing and online tax preparation for those that are mid to low income. For those with an adjusted gross income of less than $57,000, the ability to select from a little over a dozen tax preparation services is part of the Free File Alliance program being offered.

Traverse City Tax Preparation Examiner Frank Ellis details all of the need-to-know information in a recent article as part of his mission to help taxpayers file accurately and gain the largest refund amount possible.

According the Frank Ellis’s article, there are 22 states in which American taxpayers can qualify for free State tax preparation with TurboTax Online Tax Freedom Edition. In order to determine whether or not one can use the Turbo Tax Freedom Edition as part of the Free File Alliance program, Ellis has authored another informative article which assists people in determining what filing method, or e-filing method, is best for them so that they can have the most accurate 2016 tax return.

According to the article, seventy percent of all taxpayers are able to benefit from the Free File Alliance program currently offered by the IRS. Ellis strongly recommends using Turbo Tax Online to file for taxes as it offers live assistance to those who are using it to file for their taxes.

The Free File Alliance program offered by the IRS benefits many Americans. In addition to the Turbo Tax Freedom Edition, the program can provide free e-filing and online tax preparation and calculator . The partnership between the IRS program and private tax preparation companies has provided ample opportunities for those that are mid to low income range.

The Free File Forms is available online to anyone despite income level. For more information about the Turbo Tax Freedom Edition, the Free File Alliance program, or how to file for free for 2016, 2017 tax return season, visit today.

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