An office relocation is undoubtedly a complex task and as a business owner, you realise that it must be completed as speedily as possible so you can get back to your daily operations quickly. You also realise that you need professional assistance for your office move since it has to be well organised and hassle free for you as well as your employees. Once you’ve decided to relocate your business and found the new place, it’s time to find business movers for your move.

Here are our tips to find business movers for a hassle-free office relocation:

1. Research to find the Right Business Movers
In Australia, you’ll find several hundreds of moving services, yet there are just a few that are truly competent and experienced to manage an office relocation. To find a capable business mover, go online and search for the best – that is, read those client reviews. Short-list about four or five companies that look promising and begin by contacting them through the website or telephone.

2. Get References
Ask the short-listed business movers to give at least three references of previous office moves they have conducted. Talk to those people about their experience with the removals company in question to help make you decision.

3. Get Estimates
Business movers generally have a form on the website that allows you to key in the basic details of your office relocation and get a rough estimate of the costs involved. You can also ask for a site visit so that the removals company can give you an estimated cost and explain the flow of the move. Request for a detailed plan as to the number of staff required to dismantle and pack office equipment, the number of trucks required for the move, etc.

4. Check for Insurance Certificates
Ask whether the business movers will provide an insurance cover for your office relocation. It should cover you for property damages and workers’ compensation claims in case of any problems.

5. Verify the Company Credentials
Reputed and trustworthy business movers are generally members of the accredited organisations that follow certain standards of Furniture Removalists service. Check if the business mover is a member of such an organisation so you have additional protection to rely on should there be any problems with the move.

Zoom Removals is a well-known home and office relocation company in Australia with the experience of several successful home and office relocations. Being complete professionals in the business, Zoom understands that a disorganised move can lead to expensive downtime for the client. That’s why they ensure a professional and efficient move with the best men and materials to do the job.

So if you’ve decided to relocate your office, visit for a great deal and hassle-free office relocation. With reasonable rates and a quick but efficient Furniture Removalists service, your office will be up and operational at the new location in no time at all.