Learn More. Save More
If you need to do more than one course at SoftCrayons, you can choose the economical ‘Combo Offer’. By registering for the Combo Offers, you save right away from your very first course. The SoftCrayons is offering two types of Combo Packages of Courses each at a discount of up to 30% for the students who want to learn new and highly demanding courses like Hadoop, Python and JAVA.
Here we are offering the courses which are of best industrial use of the students nowadays. The purpose of designing this Combo Package is to provide students the facility of learning two programs at one time and with effective discounts.
The First Package is a combination of Hadoop and python. Hadoop is a hot new technology that is growing every day in its adoption in the Big Data world. However, Hadoop is built using Java and application developers need to know/learn Java for developing MapReduce applications. Python is a very popular programming language that makes the development of applications simple and easy. Hadoop provides a way by which MapReduce applications can be built using Python. This way, developers can use existing knowledge and code base for quickly developing MapReduce applications.
Our Second Package is a combination of JAVA and Hadoop. A Java professional who learns Hadoop specializes himself to take on the challenges thrown up by Big Data. Learning Hadoop coupled with Big Data Analytics will make you stand out from the crowd. Businesses around the world are not using Hadoop because they want to. They have to shift to Hadoop as it makes the perfect business sense, and they keep hunting for Java developers that are skilled with Hadoop. A Java professional, having learnt Hadoop will find it easier to dig deeper into the Hadoop codes and he would be in a better position to understand the functionality of a particular module and this is where Java professionals gain an edge over other professionals.
These are some details about the courses and their benefits. Those students who look forward to achieve new heights in the IT sector and want to earn more than the average IT professionals must learn these courses. Hadoop is highly demanding in almost all the businesses which deal with big data. Professionals with these specializations will get better opportunities for placements.
These programs are available for all IT students and professionals with a great discount of up to 30% on Course Fees. And one more benefits are applicable on taking these Combo Packages is that we provide Free Core JAVA classes to each Student who enroll in these programs.