21 October 2016, New Delhi: EGOSS, started in 2005 by Mr. Ravinder Bhatia, is all set to launch its latest footwear collection – EGOSS Stretch. EGOSS began with the vision to provide affordable fashion and brilliant quality in the same box. The essence lies in the brand’s endeavour to bring premium quality leather shoes with constant innovation and with EGOSS Stretch; we aim to do just that. The new collection will be goes live today and will be available for sale from today at your nearest online store!

EGOSS Stretch, the brand’s latest innovation aims to bridge the gap in the industry between glamour and comfort. The EGOSS customer with their discerning taste and an urban lifestyle hardly has a choice when it comes to shoes. The collection, EGOSS Stretch is a unique collection that promises equal comfort as your runners. The technology enhances the cushion and gives room for feet to expand and contract. The shoe stretches and takes up the size of your feet giving you the desired comfort you look for in a shoe. The shoes in this collection are manufactured using high protein infused leather that rotates not just 180 degrees, but a whole 360 degrees. This is the first time that sizes 6-8 can fit in the same shoe.

Mr. Ravinder Bhatia, Founder and Creative Head, EGOSS, while introducing the collection says “Egoss was conceived with a simple objective: Design and manufacture high-quality footwear – offering great value at reasonable price points. With our Egoss Stretch we are set to take the footwear industry by a storm.”

Price Range- Rs. 3,195 Onwards

Availability- http://www.egoss.in/