TechnoMarine Star Cruise Collection Chronograph TM-115045 Unisex Watch

It’s not enough to put such descriptive variables like stylish, elegant or versatile upon the TechnoMarine Star Cruise Collection Chronograph TM-115045 Unisex Watch. A prominent piece from Technomarine’s Cruise Star collection; let it suffice to say it’s a comfortable wear in its every sense, whether you are on land, in water or floating high above the ground level!

• At a glance:

i. Black silicone strap matched to a black dial: Very calming and soothing to the eyes, contrary to the dark image black dials often bring. In fact, the dial and the band are more of a very deep ‘charcoal’ rather than pitch dark.

ii. Colour scheme: Rose gold PVD plating on surgical grade stainless steel and black brings a very prominent contrast, yet doesn’t hit the eyes. It’s suitable for any elegant or casual outfit with its comfortable silicone strap and stainless-steel case covered in silicone–needless to say no collection is complete without this timepiece.

iii. Movement: A precise, 3-eye chronograph complication; the 13 jewels, gold plated Ronda calibre 5040.D, repairable, metal Swiss quartz movement counts 1/10th of a second up to 30 minutes and a total of 10 hours, in both ADD and SPLIT modes. The chrono-time is denoted by the central, large seconds-hand while the small seconds hand counts the regular seconds. The movement also features a date function and has a very long battery life, thanks to the power saving mechanism (with pulled-out stem) that reduces battery consumption by approximately 70%.

iv. Water resistance: An astounding 200m; certainly, it’s not a joke or a wannabe or a lookalike to serious sports watches.

v. Lume: Applied both on hands and markers; bright enough for the adventurous dark nights.

• Lesser-known facts

a. The TechnoMarine Titanium Reef Collection Chronograph TM-115045 Unisex Watch has earned the status of an iconic watch within closed circuits.

b. It is a fresh and contemporary interpretation of the iconic chronograph style.

c. The TechnoMarine Star Cruise Collection Chronograph TM-115045 Unisex Watch is an emblematic watch that represents the mood of the Fall-Winter Season.

• Unique Selling Point:

The TechnoMarine Monogram Collection Chronograph TM-115045 Unisex Watch brings a vibrant style blended to superior engineering but stays away from the unnecessary complexities of time measurement. Its authenticity is dynamic while not even deviating this bit from the realms of sophistication.

About Technomarine: TechnoMarine is one of the Swiss watch brands that dominate the affordable luxury realm. Founded almost two decades back, its French roots took form in Geneva. A staple for a large number of famous individuals around the globe, TechnoMarine creates for people who do not want to get noticed without a touch of luxury even when at the faces of adversities.

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