Radio Mantra proudly announced the entry into the most prestigious Limca Book of Records for their unique activity Gandhi Marg, which was conducted on Gandhi Jayanti in 4 different cities. A day long activity was done in Agra, Bareilly, Varanasi & Karnal. The activity depicted a Gandhian way of living and highlighted the feeling of Swades amongst the listeners and participants. Participants were invited to spin the world famous Charkha, which was made popular by Mahatma Gandhi in the pre-independence era for a day. Famous personalities like Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav and Great grandson of Gandhi ji- Tushar Gandhi were also associated with this campaign on air.

The activity garnered tremendous response from the listeners with more than 1000 walk-ins across cities. The activity has entered the Limca Book of Records by setting a new record in the following categories:
• Spinning Charkha continuously for 24 hours non-stop
• Spinning Charkha continuously for 24 hours by multiple people
• Spinning Charkha continuously for 24 hours by multiple people in multiple cities on Gandhi Jayanti
The ‘Gandhi Marg’ campaign integrated the spirit of Gandhi Jayanti on-air as well as on ground, with the theme of Charkha Chalaiye, apna naam itihaas main buniye. This was one of a kind campaign initiated by a Radio network, which is unique in itself as the Charkha being spun for 24 hours throughout the day.

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