Global Times Provides In-Depth Coverage of the Latest and Controversial Stories

Huan Qiu Shi Bao, or Global Times, an English-language Chinese newspaper under the People’s Daily , working with Renmin Ribao publishing house delivers an in-depth coverage of controversial and latest stories from Beijing, Shanghia, and China wide, Asia, and from around the world.

Global Times features world news, business news, biz news, politics news, military news as well as news and articles focusing on science and technology, art, life, sport, and odd stories. In addition, the paper specifically find latest news and stories from the two of the most interesting mega cities in China, which will be soon at the list of the greatest cities in the world. Trusted by the international press, business leaders, and educational institutions, Global Times China news and World news is considered as a must-read.

Global Times was founded in year 2009 and is currently one of the most dynamic Chinese media players and the prominent English Newspaper providing trustworthy News to local and global readers.

Comprehensive Coverage of Every Controversial Stories Can be Accessed by both local and Foreign Nationals

Nobody wants stale stories and old orthodoxies, so does the Global Times newspaper. With every shared news and controversial story, the Global Times guarantee that it is written without being biased. From stories of a child AIDs victim, to forced demolition, urban renewal, and public¡¯s and government¡¯s fight against detrimental corruption, to the story of young hopefuls who reached the stardom online, to success stories, whatever story it may be, from whatever part of the vast nation it may come, the Global times only provides an in-depth coverage. Hence, newspaper readers can be guaranteed to get an in-depth insight of China, which can hinder the onset of misunderstanding.

In addition, the Global Times establish a unique partnership with Global Poll Centre in order to keep the newspaper¡¯s finger on the China public¡¯s pulse while its expanding presence in the digital realm makes its reliable news and unique insights accessible not only for Chinese Audience but also for audience from different corners of the globe.

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The must-read newspaper for individuals looking for reliable China News source and insightful stories is long offering subscription not only for individuals within China but even for individuals living outside the country who wants to remain updated of the latest happenings around China and around the World.

The Global Times offers three ways of subscribing locally including dialling the national post office, visiting the nearest post office or logging on the website of a post office. Meanwhile, overseas subscribers can subscribe to Global Times through the newspaper¡¯s international circulation subscribers. Existing and new subscribers who got questions about the subscription can simply contact the Global Times Subscription Department via either phone or email. For email, send it at For calls, dial +86 10 6536 9602. The Global Times is physically located at The Global Times English Edition, 2 Jintai Xilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Global Times
Address: The Global Times English Edition, 2 Jintai Xilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100026, China
Phone: +86 10 6536 9602

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