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Country of China changes each passing day – the sleepy villages turns into busy suburbs, factories emerge across the former farmland while farmers is facing the uncertain future of their lives, and a young hopefuls suddenly hit the stardom in the digital realm. With that, many people find themselves that they are changing by means of changing the tides of the idea.

The thrill as well as shock of the news is anywhere, new stars, new brand, new words, and new ideas. Every hour there is a story break that is somewhere on this vast nation, whether it came from the mountain of Yunnan or headquarter of Beijing. The English news provided by the company can be the key in order for you to understand the changes that is happening in China.

Global Times Company was establishing in April 2009, and this is the most dynamic player among other Chinese Media. Aside from that, with the best service that they have, their company have been rapidly increasing because they are the only newspaper company who are providing a major English newspaper in nation.

Chinese People cannot be satisfied on a kind of news that came from stale stories as well as old orthodoxies. As Global Times aware of this thing, they always ensure that they can provide the in-depth coverage in world news, business news, biz news, politics news, in depth news, military news and breaking news.

Therefore, this is the best newspaper that provides a great article of china news on the daily lives of people in China is Global Times. With the best writer that they have, there is no doubt, why they have the ability to provide a best quality of newspaper. On this new generation, only few newspaper company who can provide the newest and latest news time to time. With that, many people are patronizing their newspaper and in fact, a lot positive reviews have been written about this company. With the positive feedback that they have, Global Times is continuously giving the best possible service.

The readers of huan qiu shi bao are both Chinese and foreigners, including the business leader, intellectuals, politicians, and ambassadors. The top universities of China is also using the newspaper of huanqiu shibao due to its high quality of news that is being written every day and they also write a English daily to ensure that their foreign reader can understand their news.

Therefore, if you are looking for a newspaper that can offer a high quality of article and news, as well as has its English news that is suitable on foreign people, the China daily news of Global Times People Daily is perfect for you. With the proven and tested service that they offer, there is no reason for you to disregard this company when it comes to looking for high quality news. With their great publisher, which is renmin ribao , you are definitely guaranteed with quality as well as its content.

Global Times
Address: The Global Times English Edition, 2 Jintai Xilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100026, China
Phone: +86 10 6536 9602

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