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Global Times (Huan Qui Shi Bao) delivers the most reliable and compelling news for every news consumer. The Newspaper provides the most comprehensive and in-depth breaking news , original journalism, local updates, lifestyle features and more from China and around the World.

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The Global Times keeps you updated with the latest and hottest news in politics, society, diplomacy, military, law, environment, and more from throughout China. All of which provides in-depth controversies to ensure reliability and fairness. Apart from delivering the hottest news from across China, the Global Times also delivers the most dependable news from throughout the world. Learn what is the hottest concerns and issues faced by various countries including Africa, Unites States, Central and South Asia, and countries in Mid-East, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Cross Borders. Asia news customers can also have a glimpse of the happenings in Asia with the newspapers Asia in Focus features.

Also, learn the hottest debates in the opinion page. Read the editorial page, observer page, Asian review, top talk, columnist, viewpoint, cartoon, letters, counterpoint, biz comments, and the South China Sea focus.

Learn the vibrant and vivid lifestyle and culture of china. Learn what the most delicious delicacies are or any food related issue, issues and breakthrough surrounding the travel industry, be updated about the latest fashion trends, family and relationship related issues and topics, and the hottest news about your favorite star. At the same time, be updated with the breakthrough discoveries and issues in Air and Space, Information Technology, Biology and Medicine.

For sports enthusiasts, there are the latest news in numerous different sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, rugby, hockey, tennis, golf, winter sport, Olympics, Motorsport, boxing, water sports, track and field, and more.

There are also odd pictures and odd news for news customers who love odd things. In addition, there is the arts page featuring the hottest news in music, dance, film, TV, books, theatre, photography, comic, video games and more.

For individuals watching for the latest news in the mega-cities of China, the Global News search Shanghai and Beijing, which are joining the list of the greatest cities in the world, to find the hottest and break stories around, allotting 8-page daily supplements for the cities.

Get More China daily news Updates through Subscription

Get the latest news from across China and around the world through subscribing at the Global Times. Global Times offers English Edition news for international news customer, National edition with 24 pages available at an affordable subscription price, and the Beijing edition with forty pages, with 16 pages of local news and lifestyle from Beijing and the National Edition.

For Chinese news customers, subscribe through logging on the Global Times post office while overseas subscribers can simply visit . For more queries about subscription and more information, subscribers can simply contact the Global Subscription department at +86-10-65369602. You can also email the Global Times at

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