When it’s about pleasing a distinctive and discriminating taste, the sleek, seductive and sophisticated Tag Heuer Formula 1 Ceramic WAH1210.BA0859 Women’s Watch jumps into rescue.

• TAG: Techniques d’Avant Garde; the TAG Group (Holdings) S.A. It’s a private holding company from Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

• Edouard Heuer: Founder; Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG; St-Imier, Switzerland. A majority stake of the company is now owned by the TAG group, since 1985

The Autavia and Heuer’s sponsorship for Ferrari in F1 during the 1970s. At that time, TAG sponsored the Williams team (1979-1981) and then bought 50% of McLaren International. TAG also funded the making of the Porsche 1.5 litre turbo engine to power the McLaren-TAG cars that made them consecutive winners at World Championships (1984-’85).

Stunning! Had it been necessary to put the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Ceramic WAH1210.BA0859 Women’s Watch in one word, it would suffice and suffice greatly! The TAG Heuer Formula 1 ladies’ watch has black ceramic as one of the building materials and creates the bezel and the bracelet’s centre links. The Tag Heuer Formula 1 Ceramic WAH1210.BA0859 Women’s Watch is a much preferred and desired accessory in an ultimate chic, ultra-feminine and minimalistic, simple dressing domain. Its butterfly-folding clasp has been precisely measured to meet the stylistic demands of the 37mm polished steel case. The inky-black, ceramic bezel sits atop it.

The bezel contains (or encircles; whichever way you see it) the anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass. Even the black lacquering on the dial is distinctive. The The Tag Heuer Formula 1 Ceramic WAH1210.BA0859 Women’s Watch further continues to push its boldness and daring further; the question is not what it can deliver but how much you could accept.

The Ceramic WAH1210.BA0859 Women’s Watch is made for the high places, which could also be a party mid-sea on the yacht! Water resistant to 200m, a screw-in crown ensures it further and features an easy grip system. It’s indeed beautiful the way TAG cut the grooves on it. Their skill in precise fine-shaping of metals puts the brand in a very special place in horological history. An ETAF05.111 movement drives this TAG Heuer F1 Lady and its ‘ceramics’ are solid ceramic parts rather than being simply ceramic-coated.

The inspirations behind the Ceramic WAH1210.BA0859 Women’s Watch have been directly inspired by high performance F1 automotive technology. It meets the requirements of professional sports, yet matched to today’s lifestyles.

It’s a woman’s design that goes into it. The tennis superstar Maria Sharapova contributes to the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Ceramic WAH1210.BA0859 Women’s Watch. There’s no dazzle of diamonds to create a strong, feminine feel, but an elevating glimmer of ceramic that makes it both contemporary and timeless.

Thanks TAG for revamping the design and polishing it up with a ceramic bezel and bracelet bricks!