Venetian blinds are an all-time favourite choice of home owners and interior designers when it comes to selecting window coverings. Perhaps, Venetians are a first choice because they not only look elegant, but also lend a sense of sophistication to your home. Another reason for their popularity is that Venetian blinds are extremely practical and functional, making it a worthwhile option when it comes to choosing your window coverings.

Created out of slats situated horizontally one above another, Venetian blinds do a great job of letting in the light and air into the room while also giving you a good deal of privacy as and when required. The slats are held together with cords and can be opened to let in the light or closed to overlap and keep out the light. Venetian blinds are controlled either manually or with a remote control device.

Although historically, classic Venetian blinds were made of wood, today the trends have changed. Venetian blinds are now available in faux wood, PVC and aluminium. These are economical alternatives to wooden blinds, being durable and easy on maintenance. So, if you were thinking of getting a new look for your home, update your windows with classic Venetian blinds in faux wood, PVC or aluminium.

Wooden Venetian blinds no doubt give an elegant look to your window with contemporary style and a natural warmth. It goes without saying that wooden Venetian blinds provide excellent insulation, are lightweight and easy to install and above all, create a beautiful ambience. Timber or wood by itself is quite expensive and regular polishing and maintenance can play havoc with your budgets.

On the other hand, if you want to retain that old world charm that wood imparts, faux wood Venetian blinds are a great choice. Not only do they look and feel like wood, they are durable and cost a fraction of the price of natural wood.

Custom Aluminium Venetian Blinds are another great option if you are looking for durability, beauty and economy in your window coverings. Classic aluminium Venetian blinds come in a impressive range of coloured finishes and are extremely cost effective.

Venetian blinds manufactured from PVC are ideal for areas with condensation or heat like bathrooms and kitchens. These come in different colours to coordinate with the room décor, are sturdy, durable and will not bend or lose shape. Classic Venetian blinds made from PVC are not as expensive and well worth the price.

Now that you know the varieties of classic Custom Panel Glide Blinds you might want to know where they are available. The easiest way is to find them online by visiting Several reliable window blind suppliers in Australia are listed there and you can easily choose one of them closer to home to give you a free measure and quote.