The Mirage has been designed with immense thought and creativity to add synergy to the serene and well-integrated environment of Nairobi.

The MD of Riayn Development Limited stated earlier that The Mirageis going to redefine the Nairobi skyline and is going to enhance the growth prospects of Nairobi.

Park Suites is one of the latest properties for sale Westlands and has been constructed to serve not only the commercial sector of Nairobi, but add to the completion of the Westlands ecosystem which comprises of residential, corporate as well as shopping sectors.

Riayn Development Limited as a company has been known to emphasize on community development that offers a well rounded system in the focus area and has been doing just that right from its inception.

Along with its tastefully forged design, the Park Suites has been well positioned in the heart of Westlands thus leveraging growth opportunities leading to thriving businesses.
Any company that chooses to conduct its work operations in one of the buildings at Park Suites is bound to experience functionality and luxury at its finest.

Riayn Development Limited has built the Park Office Suites for those major league corporations who prefer working on the lap of luxury with optimum efficiency. Investors looking to invest in real estate can be sure to expect long term stable returns by investing in this premier real estate venture.

The Mirage, offices to let Kenya, theshowcase itself as the benchmark in modern corporate culture. The lavish and plush office spaces have been designed without any limitation to createand serve as testament to the core virtues and integrity of Riayn Development Limited as a community developer.

The very essence of RDL has been breathed into the creation of these classy office buildings. The reflection of thought that has been put into the creation of Park Suites lies in the attention to detail that can be seen in the high rise ceilings and paved granite tiles that add a touch of sophistication.

Enterprises on the quest for a perfect office environment should end their search here. Well the conviction of RIAYN surely seems to instill an urge to explore the minds of prospective investors.

Started as Office Suites Developers Limited back in 2008, RDL has certainly proved time and time again that they are here to deliver. With a visionary Managing Director of the company is backed by able and competent team members is a key driving force in the radical and cohesive nature of Riayn Development Limited.

They seem to stop no time soon with respect to the mission of serving and building communities that help the growth and well being of the population of Kenya.The director has given the green signal to prospective investors to claim their part of this modern day architectural masterpiece.