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New Delhi: October 7, 2016: Travelling is an exciting part of anyone’s life where the traveller gets a broader worldview of different cities & countries. For most people travelling can be a step into mysterious territory and unacquainted surroundings, although that is the idea, but doing a little study prior to heading out on your tour can allow you to make the paramount choices during your trip. FTD.Travel helps you being the guide throughout your tour and can assist you to figure out where to go, what places to explore and help you groom your experience that waits.

FTD is a start-up travel service portal by Mr. Vinit Jain, Founder and CEO of company. FTD connects travellers with Local Travel Agents for custom itineraries along with Discovery/Self-Service Platform helping the traveller’s save money, time and worry. The portal overviews fast fact, history, culture, maps, travel within the tourist spot, how to reach travel destination, shopping, eating out, weather, photos, videos, festivals of countries, states, cities, towns, attractions and activities around the world. It covers over 5,000+ attractions across 52 countries, 350+ towns in India, tagged to 70 activities which is structured around 8 themes which includes; Land, Water, Entertainment, Heritage, Nature, Snow & Pilgrim and also it provides a 360 degree view of activities (e.g. Spas, Beaches, Safaris, Camping etc.) to destination and vice-versa to help plan the travel.
The USP of FTD.Travel is that it connects Travel agents with the Local Travellers for their custom itineraries and also acts as a self-serving platform which facilitates tourists with B2B booking platforms for Flights, Hotels, Bus and Car.

FTD.Travel is a trusted network of Travel Agents where these travel agents provide you with different packages and services you will be needing like taxi, air ticket, food, hotel, pick-up and drop facility, insurance, tour guide etc. and also it lets you choose the activities around themes which includes Air, Water, Entertainment, Heritage, Nature, Snow& Pilgrim. It provides you with a full package of a worry free holiday where traveller provides travel need, the traveller verifies Mobile & Email, the travel agent checks the travel leads, travel agent buys the travel leads and lastly FTD.Travel connects traveller with the travel agents.

Features of FTD.Travel:
• Search & Plan your holiday
• Book flights, hotels, bus tickets, cabs
• Request a customized package based on a budget range
• Agent marketplace to self-register and manage / fulfil travel requests

About FTD.Travel:
FTD is a start-up Travel Service Portal founded by Mr. Vinit Jain. It allows travellers to plan their holidays based on interests and activities they are passionate about. It covers over 5,000+ attractions across 52 countries, 350+ towns in India, tagged to 70 activities which are structured around 8 themes and also it provides a 360 degree view of activities to destination and vice-versa to help plan the travel.

The Shubh Mani Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on November, 2015 although the moonlighting of the FTD Travel has been since late 2011. He also explored various verticals and ideas like Religion, Bollywood, Cricket, Dalal Street, Education and Travel.Initially started as a pure content platform for Discovery purpose 1.5 years ago, Mr. Jain decided to build a Travel Agent Marketplace where travellers come with their service needs and the verified and trusted travel agents would provide them the service making it a win-win situation for all three parties whereby travellers save time, money and worry. 700+ Travel Agents have on-boarded the platform and the company has generated 32 crores Potential Business for Travel Agents in the first 6 months of this calendar year and is growing on a good double digit on the quarter. The company has also served over 11K Tourists in the last 1 year.The Travel Partners of FTD includes affiliated partners of various large OTAs like Make My Trip, Yatra, Via, OYO rooms and many more.

For more details, kindly visit http://www.ftd.travel/

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