Vedic Line Launches a Festive Season Beauty Collection

Re-invent your festival looks with an Ayurvedic beauty collection from the house of Vedic Line. The entire range is designed to bring you the healthy and glowing skin, which your skin need most during the festive season.
Vedic Line, an Ayurvedic beauty brand from the house of HVM networks, with an aim to provide effortless and essential products to keep your skin healthy and happy, brings festival special collection. The line of products is classified into four categories – Orange Lip Salve, Moisturising Serum and Face Cleanser and Face Wash. All these products will take care of your lips and skin issues giving you a flawless glowing appearance that is complimented by all.
Festivals always call for something extra when it comes to your look and as far as perfect make-up is concerned, you need to have a glowing skin for it. Exclusively packaged for the festive season, this collection from Vedic Line is not only about making you beautiful; it is also about feeling beautiful and adds extra zing to your persona. The brand is committed to bring you dynamically designed products.

Orange Lip Salve – Offers protection and softens the lips.
OnGlow Radiating Serum – Repairs dry & damaged tissues.
Aromatherapy Face Wash – Removes sweat & odour leaving the skin fresh and breathing.
Diamond Tejas Cleanser – Removes impurities and brings freshness to the skin.

Price Range: Rs. 77- Rs 225/-

About Vedic Line:

Vedic Line serves you with innovative & effective daily care products that keeps you refreshing and maintain youthful look. Based on extremely well researched Ayurvedic Science for treatment and regeneration of skin and hair, Vedic Line include a variety of products that offers solutions like anti-aging, moisturizing, aroma for mental & physical relaxation, acne-treatment etc. These products also help to overcome problems like tanning and dryness. These are Natural Herbal products and are formulated according to potent curative, healing and corrective properties of pure oriental herb extracts as laid down in Ayurveda. The basic philosophy of Vedic Line is activating the body to help itself so that healing and correction takes place from within.

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