Why limit the technology to the commercial cab drivers? Till now all the top notch technology features like GPS, location tracking and fleet management have been used for commercial purposes. So, Utsav Khaitan and Rishabh Kapoor thought of bringing these features to your driver’s smart phone. After all everybody owns one these days. But if your driver doesn’t, you need not fret. The Valet2you App works on SMS coordination as well! Never in the history of digital world has there been an application exclusively designed for domestic drivers.
With no pain of installing hardware in your car or software in your PC, but with a few taps on your phone you can keep an all time watch on your driver and his schedule. In 2015 a vehicle was stolen every 13 minutes in Delhi. And in 2014, the average interval was 23.6 minutes. Thieves have never been this efficient before, and your car never more unsafe. The first finger rose after a theft is at the driver. So this app will make sure if your driver is or is not involved in any such activity.

Valet2You App is an unprecedented concept designed for valet convoking and tracking solutions. This App registers individuals along with their driver, wherein the valet takes the car away and then brings it back as he gets notified. This prevents dreary waiting junctures. Valet2You encounters tech advancement by tracking the valet when he is transporting a parcel. Security and surveillance of individuals commuting by the app user’s car, is another remarkable feature.

Rishabh Kapoor & Utsav Khaitan, Co-founders, Valet2You, generated this App to abolish challenges ranging from car parking to valet tracking in India. Valet2You brings in the concept of registering an individual on the app along with his valet and thereafter facilitates the individuals to save those valuable waiting junctures of their life on the chauffeur to bring in their car. With the vision of expanding ‘Valet2You’ through the Gulf and beyond, Rishabh and Utsav are going to make an ensured future space in the cellphones of all individuals, at least of those who own a car!

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