Baruch House Publishing gives license to for free eBook download of Tyndale’s New Testament for the 21st Century

In early 2016, small Canadian publisher Baruch House published The October Testament, the first publication of the New Matthew Bible Project. The October Testament contains the 1535 New Testament of William Tyndale together with Reformation commentaries as first published in 1537 in the Matthew Bible, all gently updated by Ruth Magnusson Davis.
Baruch House granted Olive Tree a 2-year license to publish the bare scriptures (without the notes and commentaries) in an e-book called Tyndale’s New Testament for the 21st Century. Baruch takes no fee or royalty. The response has been very positive. So far, Olive Tree has over 28,000 account registrations. VP Steven Cummings says, “Olive Tree is excited to offer the Tyndale’s New Testament for the 21st Century. We have been very pleased with the response from our users, as over 28,000 have downloaded this great Bible.”
The Olive Tree Bible App is NOW AVAILABLE for iOS, Android, Mac, & Windows apps running version 6.0 and above by clicking: (or cut and paste into your web browser). This is a great way to preview The October Testament.

The Matthew Bible is a little-known but very important Reformation bible. The New Matthew Bible Project is working to gently update it, and the publication of The October Testament marks the first milestone. Next will come the Old Testament, and the complete work will be called the New Matthew Bible, or ‘NMB’..
More about the New Matthew Bible project can be found at
Bio: Ruth, a retired lawyer, is a scholar of early modern English, the writings of William Tyndale, and the Matthew Bible. In 2009 she retired from professional practice in order to work on the New Matthew Bible full-time. She holds to the fullness of Reformation doctrine, with one foot in the camp of evangelical traditional Anglicans and another with the Lutherans.

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